Q: Why was I charged after making my reservation?

Any ToCoo! option fees such as ToCoo! Additional Support (T.A.S.)., ETC Card rental, Wi-Fi Router rental, etc., will automatically be charged to the registered credit card.

All charges are detailed in the [Reservation Confirmation Email].

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Q: I cancelled my booking. Will I get a refund of the ToCoo options? How long until I get my refund?

“*We can refund ToCoo! option fees(except for “Cancellation Compensation Support” Insurance fee) in the following cases:

– If you cancel your reservation by 7 days before your pickup date

Because of the nature of international transactions, it will take 1 week-3 months to receive the refund.

The exact time depends on your credit card company.

*We can NOT refund ToCoo! option fees in case of the below;

– If you cancel your reservation within 6 days of your pickup date

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Q: Why hasn’t my 15,000 yen deposit been refunded yet?

The ETC card deposit will be released as soon as the toll fees are calculated and charged after the ETC card has been returned.

Please note that the deposit release might not be shown on your statement,
since it was just a deposit, not a charge.

If your deposit is not released after 3 months, please contact your credit company directly.

ToCoo! Expressway Pass (TEP) Plans do not have toll fee calculation or deposit.

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Q: How do I pay?

Car rental and car option fees should be basically paid at an outlet upon arrival with a credit card, but there are advanced payment type plans.

You can check it in the Payment Method section of the Application Form.

ToCoo! option fees such as TAS, ETC card rental, Wi-Fi router rental, etc. are charged on your credit card when you make a booking for all ToCoo! bookings.

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Q: Which credit cards can I use?

ToCoo! accepts VISA, Master, AMEX, and JCB Card for our online reservations.

Most rental car outlets accept major credit cards such as VISA, Master Card, JCB, and AMEX.

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Q: How do I pay for the expressway toll fees?

After we receive the ToCoo! ETC Card back from you, we will calculate the toll fees and charge the actual toll fees to your registered credit card.

We will also release the deposit of 15,000 yen at the same time.

There is no deposit required for expressway passes as ToCoo! Expressway Pass (TEP) etc. customers.

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