Q: Can I pick up/return the car outside of the outlet’s business hours?

No, it is NOT possible to pick up or return a car outside of the outlet’s business hours.

Pick up and return must be within business hours of the outlet.

Leaving the car outside of the outlet’s business hours is a serious violation of the car rental contract.

Please check the bussiness hours of car outlet at the [Reservation Confirmation Email].

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Q: Are there translators (English, Chinese, Thai language or Korean) at the rental car outlets?

Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, New Chitose Airport, Chubu International Airport, and Kansai International Airport might have English, Chinese, Thai language or Korean speakers.

Staff at other outlets can usually only speak Japanese.

ToCoo! provides telephone interpretation if nobody speaks English, Chinese, Thai language or Korean at the outlets, free of charge.

How to use Three-way interpretation service is mentioned in the Recommendation Email sent 1 day before the car pick up date.

Hope you use it when you make the car rental contract at the outlet.

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Q: What do I need to bring with me when I pick up the car?

Please bring the following items when you pick up the car.

  • Original domestic driver’s license
  • Original International Driving Permit under Geneva Convention 1949 (or official translation of license for Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Monaco ONLY)
  • Original Passport (not require if you have a Japanese license)
  • Valid credit card
  • Please provide a copy of the reservation confirmation email or present it on your smartphone. (ToCoo! reservation number is required.)

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Q: Is there a shuttle bus or transfer service?

Most Airport outlets offer a shuttle service.

You can confirm the transfer information by clicking the [Outlet Info] button when you make the reservation, or you can confirm the outlet information from the link, which is attached in the [Reservation Confirmation Email].

For the outlets in town, other than the airport outlets, you need to come to the outlet by yourself.

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Q: Can I pick up the car from the airport?

Picking up/returning a car directly to the airport is NOT possible due to security reasons.

You can take the complimentary shuttle between the airport and the outlet and pick up/return a rental car at the car outlet.

Some small airports offer direct pick up/return as an exception.

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Q: What should we do if I may be late for the scheduled pick up time?

If you are more than 1 hour late for the scheduled pickup time without notifying the rental car outlet, the reservation will be cancelled automatically and cancellation charges will be incurred.

To keep the reservation, please contact the outlet directly.

Even if you are late for the scheduled pick up time, the rental cost can NOT be altered and it will be the same as the original.

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Q: Is it possible to change the car we are offered to another one upon arrival?

No, it is NOT possible.

Both ToCoo! and the rental car company can NOT accept any requests for changing the car upon arrival, even if it is too small for you or you do not like it.

There are NO alternative cars available on such short notice.

Even if changes are accepted, sudden changes without advanced notice will incur extra charges on the rental car company’s standard rate.

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