Q: I cancelled my booking till 7 days before the car pick up date. What is the fee charged on my credit card?

The charged fee is “Cancellation Compensation Support” Insurance fee.

If you purchased “Cancellation Compensation Support” Insurance and even if you cancel the booking even 7 days before the car pick up date, payment of “Cancellation Compensation Support” fee is incurred.

All paid ToCoo! Option fee is refunded once, and “Cancellation Compensation Support” Insurance fee is charged separately.

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Q: Can I cancel the Early Bird Plan reservation?

You can cancel a reservation under Early Bird Plan after making the booking, however, cancellation causes Cancellation Charge in any time, any case.

Cancellation Charge will be from 20% to 100 % of the car rental fee (UNLIMITED).

Early Bird Pay Now Plan Cancellation Policy

There is a case the cancellation is not available via ToCoo! Website for the Early Bird reservation.

In this case, please contact us via the below Inquiry Form.

Inquiry Form

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Q: How can I change my reservation?

We cannot accept any changes after the reservation is completed using our instant online reservation system.

If you would like to make any alterations, please cancel your current reservation and make a new reservation with your updated details.

*Vacancy of the car is NOT guaranteed when you re-book.

*Cancellation Policy is shown on our Change/Cancel page.

* No cancellation fee applicable and ToCoo! option fees will be refunded if you cancel the reservation at least 7 days before the scheduled pickup date.

Cancellation Policy

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Q: How do I cancel my reservation?

Please cancel via the [View/Cancel a Reservation] page.

View/Cancel a Reservation

There is the case the cancellation is not available from the ToCoo! Website because of the last minutes.

In this case, please contact the rental car outlet directly.

Your outlet contact phone number is mentioned in the [Reservation Confirmation Email].

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Q: How is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel a reservation without any penalties by 7days before the car pick-up date.

However, cancellation made within 6 days before the car pick up time or later causes the cancellation charge and the paid ToCoo! option fee can NOT be refunded.

Cancellation policy can be different depending on the plan.

Please refer to the page below about Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

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Q: After I cancelled my booking, how long until I get my refund?

**We can refund ToCoo! option fees in the following cases:

-If you cancel your reservation by 7 days before your pickup date.

*Because of the nature of international transactions, it will take 1 week-3 months to receive the refund.

The exact time depends on your credit card company.

**We can NOT refund ToCoo! option fees in case of the below;

-If you cancel your reservation within 6 days of your pickup date

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Q: Can I add more drivers for our car rental? Are there any additional fees? Do I need to register them in advance?

You can add more driver.

There is no extra charge for additional drivers.

No need to register in advance, but registration at the outlet is necessary.

Please be sure to come with the original driving license, original International Driving Permit, original passport of ALL the drivers for registration.

Please note that if an accident occurs while an unregistered driver is driving, the insurance will NOT cover it.

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