Q: What’s the difference between ToCoo! Additional Support (T.A.S.) and Compensation Coverage (CDW)?

T.A.S. (ToCoo Additional Support) is the exclusive Insurance of ToCoo!, which covers Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.) and towing fees in case of an accident which is recognized by the rental car company (accident report issued).

Compensation Coverage (CDW) is the Insurance provided by the rental car company, which can exempt the compensation fees (customer burden cost) caused by an accident.

In case of an accident, the rental car company charges you N.O.C. and the towing fee.

ToCoo! Additional Support (T.A.S.) covers this Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.) and the towing fee.

Moreover, the car repair fee is covered by the basic insurance.

To have the basic insurance coverage, you must pay the Immunity charge up to 150,000JPY.

Compensation Coverage (CDW) covers this Immunity charge 150,000JPY.