Q: How do I file a Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.) claim?

We will accept applications for Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.) fees and towing fees if you paid the fee already.

Please contact us with the rental car reservation name, rental car reservation number, and the circumstances of the accident from our Inquiry Form.

After confirming the details, we will send you an Email with details on the compensation procedure.

ToCoo! may transfer the amount of N.O.C. you paid.

*You need to attach the Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.) or towing fee receipt when you reply to our Email, so you must keep all relevant receipts and documents after paying at the rental car outlet.

If there is no receipt, we cannot accept your application.

*We will remit the money to the specified account after confirming the details with the rental car company.

*You must submit the application within 60 days of the rental car return date.

If not submitted, we will be unable to accept your application.