Q: How can I reserve a car with Winter Tires?

Winter tires option can NOT be offered without advanced reservation.

Please make a reservation under the Winter Tires Plan offering a car with winter tires already.

If you can not find the rental car which is already added Winter Tires, please book a normal tires car via ToCoo! website first, and send the below Winter Tires Request Form by the deadline.

Winter Tires Request Form

Please note that there are cases cars with winter tires are all sold out.

*Winter tires option can NOT be cancelled once it is confirmed. You can NOT cancel the winter tires upon arrival even in case you do not need the winter tires.

*Rental at the outlets in the snowing area

All cars picked up at the outlets in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Shinetsu, Hokuriku area wear Winter Tires from November to March.

For more information, please refer the page of Winter Driving below.

Winter Driving