Information About the Hokkaido Expressway Pass (HEP)/Kyushu Expressway Pass (KEP)/Tohoku Expressway Pass Plan

  1. What is the Hokkaido Expressway Pass (HEP)/Kyushu Expressway Pass (KEP)/Tohoku Expressway Pass?
  2. Availability Period
  3. How to use
  4. Important notes

*We will refer to Hokkaido Expressway Pass as HEP and the Kyushu Expressway Pass as KEP from now on.

1. What is the HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass?

An Expressway Pass is a flat plan that allows you to use specific toll ways in Japan as much as you like.
HEP is a plan that allows you to use all the expressways in Hokkaido for a fixed price.
KEP is a plan that lets you use some of the Kyushu expressways at a fixed price.
Tohoku Expressway Pass is a plan that lets you use the Tohoku expressways at a fixed price.

*There are some expressways that aren’t covered by the Expressway Pass. Please check the NEXCO websites below for more information about applicable expressways.
Tohoku Expressway Pass:

* To use an Expressway Pass, you need a special ETC card with your rental car. When you book HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass plan with ToCoo! , you do NOT need to rent an ETC card separately. The ETC card provided by the rental car company is included in the plan. You cannot use a ToCoo! ETC card.

2. Availability Period

The usage period must match the rental car usage period.
*It is not possible to use an expressway pass for a period different from that of the rental car.

3. How to use?

① Please check whether or not your reservation includes HEP / KEP / Tohoku Expressway Pass. You can confirm it from the ”Reservation Confirmed mail”.
* If you meet one of the below conditions, your reservation includes HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass.
・If “HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass” is included in the plan name in your reservation confirmed email
・If “HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass” is included in the options under the plan name (not ToCoo! options)
② Please get the ETC card at the rental car outlet.
③ Please pay the fee for HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass at the rental car outlet.
*The HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass fee is not included in the rental car fee.
Please check here about the amount.
④ Insert the ETC card into the ETC device in the rental car and start using it.
*For details on how to use the ETC card and the pre-equipped ETC card reader device, please check with the rental car outlet.
⑤ Please return the ETC card to the rental car outlet when you return the car.

4. Important notes
*You cannot change the usage period for the HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass.
*If you book the HEP/KEP/Tohoku Expressway Pass plan but decide you don’t need it, you can opt out by informing the rental car outlet staff when you pick up the car.

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