Q: Do I need to reserve child seats for my children?

Driving with a child under 6 years old without a child seat is against the law in Japan (police will accuse and charge a penalty if you are caught).

Please be sure to request a child seat beforehand if you have a child under 6 years old.

You can add on child seats as an option when you book a car.

*One child seat requires the space for one and a half adults.

Please be sure to count the space of the child seat, bigger than 1 adult when you book a car.

*Please include children 6 years old or older in the number of adult passengers.

Child Seats

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Q: What do I need to drive on snowy/icy roads?

We recommend you to reserve the Winter Tires option as your first priority.

And on the Winter Tires, the 4WD (4-wheel drive) option is beneficial together with the Winter Tires.

Normal tires are NOT safe on snowy/icy roads, even if you have the 4WD option.

Snow chains cannot be installed on top of Winter Tires.

Please be sure to choose the appropriate winter options referring to the below.

* Under Japanese traffic law, you must have winter tires to drive on snowy/icy roads.

In case your car renal company judges your rental is not safe, they have the right to cancel your reservation upon arrival. 

Even in this case, the cancellation charge is incurred and the paid ToCoo! option fee is not refunded

Winter Driving

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How can I get a car with 4WD?

There are many 4WD (four-wheel drive vehicles) in Hokkaido Tohoku etc., however, almost all cars in other places such as Tokyo and Kansai etc. are 2WD only.

4WD cars can NOT be offered unless you book via the 4WD (four-wheel drive) plan or book a car type with 4WD mention.

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Q: Can I reserve a ski rack/carrier?

Ski Rack/carrier can NOT be offered at present.

Please make sure to book a larger car in advance and put all of your skis/snowboards in the car.

Even if all of your luggage can not be put in the booked car, there is no alternative car.

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